Friday, April 29, 2011

Will and Kate, The Sequel.

Ok, I thought I'd put this off till this weekend, however, now is just as good a time as any!  Plus, I fully intend on crashing until my body decides (hopefully late Saturday morning) "Okay, we are fully recharged now, we can wake up."

The Princess was beautiful, William was very dapper in his military jacket.

Westminster  I have always wanted to go to London, and now even more than before.

Stacey and I stuck with NBC for our wedding coverage, though I'll admit, I had the DVR running on TLC as well.  (Nothing like making sure you had things covered right?)  She had tea, I had juice and then I switched to my beloved Bing.  Caffeine, oh how I love you.  Thank you for keeping me propped up all day!

I promised pictures...and here we go...Stacey was a bit more brave and willing to take one of herself, whereas I opted for just one of the top of my head.  So, here is Lady Carol Buttercup-Inyo in her beautiful hat!

I am not so brave as to show my face/full head of hair, as I had showered the night before and went to bed with wet hair.  Although, you can see some of my bedhead/unruly curls under my tiara before I attacked them with a flat iron before heading to work. (Pay no attention to the gray hairs peeking out, I'm between dye jobs...)

Stacey brought some traditional English treats, which I loved the names of...particularly the one on the left...Digestives...huh, nothing screams COOKIE! like a name like that!  ;)

I chose to make traditional scones, which I think turned out yummo good!

Hmmm...I miiiiight need to go warm some up for a snack tonight...

Ok, I'm off to wach the "pre-show" and arrivals off of the DVR, because I'll admit, I can't get enough today, and then, I will fall asleep and dream of my own Prince Charming.  


PS: Between 3 separate conversations, I've agreed with the fact that we Americans don't have enough activities where we wear insanely outlandish and fun hats.  My birthday is around the corner...I'm beginning to get ideas...

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Maggy said...

Yummo, i used to eat digestives in Wales all the time. I am so sad it's over :(