Sunday, April 24, 2011

Deutsch Überraschungen

This blog post is very overdue, the last week has been even busier than normal.  But, I promised someone I would post this so here I am!  :)

My amazingly wonderful cousin, Anke, who I have mentioned before (here) surprised me (mostly because I forgot that she asked me for my address) with a super fun surprise!!!  I went to my little mailbox last week, and it was crammed full!  (I'm also not the best about getting my mail every day, but hey...)

There was a package I had ordered, some Netflix DVD's, and this package (telling you, it was a PACKED little mailbox):


And in that wonderful package!  Such fun things!

SEE!!  Handmade potholders/hotpads, a handmade little stocking, German chocolates (!!) a great card and (oh crud, it got cut out a bit...) an adorable little angel!!!  (Scroll down to see it...)

See?  Cute eh?

Anke: I love it all!!!!  Your little stocking is amazing!  I envy that skill, I'm still figuring out/working on my first pair of socks in my knitting!


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Samantha said...

Mmmmmmm milka....