Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sad sad sad...

As most know, I broke up with my ex in January, and have been happy with my decision, have never second guessed myself. I never meant to hurt him, and when things were ended, I sincerely wished him the best.

Flash forward 6 months, I sign on to AIM, and the wonderful little alert lets me know I have 33 messages in my email. Now, this is the email address that I rarely check, because honestly, AOL mail drives me nutty. I figure, hmmm...33 messages, probably should go weed through all the forwards from my mother. I open up my email, and lo and be-freakin-hold...I find an email from my ex.

I'll be honest, the whole thing took me by complete surprise. Haven't heard/seen/anything from the guy in 6 months (which is fine, that's what happens when you break up), and here he is in my email box.

It was a picture of him with his new girlfriend and then the words "u so lost out".