Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just some good ol' boys...

...never meanin' no harm...beat all you ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born!

Today's knitting post comes to you courtesy of one of my sister's oldest and dearest friends, her hubby and baby Logan!

My sister and Becky have been "blood sisters" since kindergarten.  Becky and her hubby, Matt, have 4 munchkins.  Jacob, Grace, Nicholas and now Logan.

I have known Becky since she and Melissa were in kindergarten, however I've only known her hubby since my sister's wedding last year.  One funny funny man.  That, and we share an affinity for a certain 80's TV show featuring a certain orange Dodge Charger.  Yes, that's right.  Dukes of Hazzard and the General Lee.  (insert sigh of *OMGIFIEVERWINPOWERBALLIWILLFINDAWAYTOOWNTHATCAR*)

Anyways, that amazing car was the inspiration for my latest creation, that and the fact that Matt's company, The General Plumbing Company, has our beloved car as his mascot.  (If you need plumbing help, contact me and if you're in their neighborhood I'll totally send you his info!!)

All that story to lead up to the pictures of the finished project!  I had planned on stitching the famous "01" in the side, but stitching wasn't working so I tried to go to with iron on dice.  1) the ones that fit didn't look like the true "01" and 2) I couldn't get them to stick.  So without further ado...The General!

"The General"

Up next on the needles: Someone's turning 1 and I found a great way to celebrate that as well as celebrate Daddy's alma mater!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

For Audrey...

Hi all...yes, this is another knitting related post!  :)

I recently finished Baby Audrey's hat, and her proud auntie is taking it to her for me.

Without further ado, Ms. Audrey Leith's hat:

Front View

Side View

What you can't tell, that hat is TEENY!!!  The stack of Post-Its in the background...the orange ones are standard Post-It size...note to self...don't photograph finished projects on my desk...not such a great background!  I think this one is my most favorite yet...although I'm excited to get the next project going!  I'll post pictures of that one when finished.  Let's just say that the "General" would be flattered by the imitation (of sorts).  ;)