Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Stomach Moved...

So my rant regarding what has been going on in life was met with some support as well as opposition. Due to so many outside factors, I've chosen to privatize the entry. If I have told you to come to this site, please email me, and I will simply email you the epistle.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Proud Big Sister...(9/4/08)

So as some of you know, my little brother is the head youth pastor over at Faith Bible Chapel.

I have not been able to go to any of Kurt's events to see him personally interact with his kids, but have heard the stories. I am a self professed facebook/myspace junkie and while checking things out, saw a notice that he had updated his profile. I noticed a link on his page. I thought, hmm...what's he linkin' to?

My baby brother spoke/preached at the "big church" this past weekend. I've attached/enclosed the link below. Feel free to watch the entire message, but the proud big sister in me says skip to about half way through. I didn't realize just how eloquent of a speaker he can be. He mentions my sister and I in his sermon, which at first was a little bit unnerving as I didn't know exactly where he was going with that...turns out, my little brother can make me cry.

I love you Kurt, I'm so proud of you!
Love, your Big Sister!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rambling/Mentally cleaning house...

So I've had feelings for this guy for months...quite a few months really. He has a troubled past (I can hear you now, who doesn't?), and I mean really troubled. His parents really f'd him over when it came to life and a childhood. In spite of all that, he is an AMAZING guy. He has chosen to take the road less traveled, even though it's been harder, and to see the person that he has become is honestly very humbling yet inspiring at the same time. (If you know who this person is, please for the love of God, respect my fragile sense of pride and humility and don't go blabbing the entire contents of this blog to him, my heart is already in pieces, don't smash it further or the poor soul who finally does win me over, is going to have one helluva time with the super glue.)

Last weekend, it happened (don't jump ahead, don't get excited...just hear me out). I came to the nasty and always oh-so-fun realization that the chances of something happening with this guy, as amazing as he is, are about as good as if I wanted to run for President. Nil. He has serious health issues, and his excuse (at least one of them) is that he doesn't want to burden someone else with his problems. He received a rather loud wake up call recently twice over. One was that his team of doctors told him that essentially has a 5 year life expectancy. (Holy crap, can't imagine getting that news at ANY point in life.) The second was one of his good friends from Search and Rescue (yet another thing this guy is involved in outside of his two jobs) died in the fires in Portland over Labor Day Weekend. He immediately went into a tailspin of who would I leave behind? Who would take care of my things and make MY arrangements? Holy crap, I can't even begin to imagine putting those thoughts together, let alone at 24 years old. (Yes, I know, he's younger, I've come to grips with it, move on.) Cut to about 24 hours later in the weekend, and it's as if I never existed...he's pulled this before, dumps a ton of information on me for no other reason (it seems) other than to see if I'll run. Hmmm...maybe (just MAYBE) if you've been telling me these things for almost a year and I haven't gone anywhere, I might be in this for the long haul. But hey, guy logic and girl logic as we all know, are two TOTALLY different things.

I hate to say it but I think the time is past if it isn't passing as we speak. I have no desire to lose this person as a friend, he's amazing and if I ever need anything (and trust me I've needed his help a couple times with things) I know he would do whatever he can to help me out. I don't want to give up hope for something in the future, but I don't want to be sitting here waiting until I'm 40 for him to figure it out either...I'm torn. Have I started looking elsewhere? Of course. Has my roommate pointed someone out to "think about"? yes. Have I started thinking about it? Kinda.

Now, I have this friend a rather good confidant actually, whom I have perfected the art of "the pact" or "priviledge" as we call it. He has known my feelings for this person for what to him I'm sure seems like an eternity. He has encouraged/pushed me to make my feelings known, however I have never felt like the timing has been right.

Does this mean that now is the time? When the guy I have had feelings for is pretty adamant that he won't let himself get into any type of romantic relationship with anybody? What if this isn't just to keep out anybody...what if it's just to keep out me? Am I completely crazy? All of my friends who have met this guy think he's great, all of the signs I've been getting have pointed towards relationship. (Outside opinion says so too...) Yet here I sit, still single, with amazing friends, yet no chance of a romantic relationship on the horizon. Do I give up? Do I soldier through and make my feelings known, knowing that in the long run, it may come back to bite me in the ass? Do I just resign myself to knowing that there is next to no chance for something to happen and move on and continue having an amazing friendship with this person? What do I do?

Any witty reparte (in small doses) is welcome, so is advice, funny comments, etc...I look forward to hearing it all...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Melting Pot

So I've been working on this blog for a few weeks...there have been multiple things running around in my brain, here are just a few snippets that have leaked out today...


That's all I have to say...

For anyone who calls my office, I treat you with the utmost respect, until you become irate with me over something I had no business with or are rude to me. Then, I will remain ever the professional, but will not allow you to walk all over me just because you feel you are entitled.

So I have a patient who has had an appointment with Dr. Hammond for today (8/6) for the last 3 weeks. She called me yesterday to say she has a funeral service she is really wishing to attend but it may conflict with her appointment time, do I have anything later in the day. (Now, this is a perfectly legitimate question, however, just a word to the wise, if it already took me 3 weeks to get you in for the day you have, it's most likely, unless there is some act of GOD, going to be another three weeks to get you in.) As it was, when I made this patient's appointment three weeks ago, she was extremely rude to not only me, but called a couple of days later, DEMANDING information that we cannot give to her regarding the test results that a different doctor's office ordered from my co-worker.

When I informed this patient of the fact that I didn't have another appointment with Dr. Hammond for another 3 weeks, I was promptly given an earful. How dare I, did I not understand that someone close to her had died? Was I so unwilling to help her that I couldn't move something else around? Bite me lady.

Now, as chance would have it, I had a cancellation that day, later in the day about 10 minutes after this oh so pleasant woman called me. I seriously debated being a royal pain and not calling her about it, but decided that no matter what, I should be the bigger person and call her. The woman had the audacity to ask me if I could hold the 230 appt for her in case she couldn't make her 1130 one and yet still leave her in the schedule for the 1130. Who does this??? Tell me, where can you call and book two appointment JUST IN CASE you can't make the first one??? So when I told her I couldn't do that, and talked her through the time line for her appointments, she asked me "so basically you need me to choose right now". Uh yeah biatch, that's the idea. (No, I didn't actually say that, but let me tell you, it was tempting!!!)

So, this patient FINALLY shows up for her appointment at 230pm that afternoon, is pissy with me because I was talking to another patient that was checking out instead of her, when I finished with that patient and turned to help her, I swear I was dead, buried and 6 feet under. (Holy crap, where do people like this come from???) I took her paperwork from her, started processing everything like I should, and she informs me that she needs to use the restroom. I say ok, direct her to our restroom, but before she went would she mind if I took care of scanning her insurance cards while she was gone, and she looks at me, sighs and said "I think me using the restroom is a little more important and pressing than you needing my cards." Gives me the insurance cards and leaves for the restroom on the other end of the floor from our office. When she comes back, I am on the phone with a patient. She sees me on the phone, knws I need to take her co-pay, and literally THROWS her credit card at me to take care of it for her. I politely run it (for the correct amount, I wasn't THAT stupid.) hand her everthing back, and since my doc knew the situation with this patient, I went into her office, waited politely/patiently until she got off the phone/finished dictating (I can't remember which now) and told her to promptly "get that woman out of my waiting room". Thankfully, we will never have to see that patient in our office again.

Another thought....

Today I thought of another thing that will annoy almost any receptionist/secretary/admin assitant/person who answers the phone. Speakerphone. It has it's time and place. It's fine to place your initial call on it and pick up as soon as you hear someone pick up, we all do that. However, it is NOT okay to conduct an entire conversation on it. So, once you hear my friendly voice say "CCVSA this is Jolene"....TAKE ME OFF IT.

So since moving, I have developed a new form of a social life...I actually have an active one. Entirely TOO active! I have managed to book myself solid for almost a month and a half straight. What a rough problem to have right? Bummer, folks want to spend time with me. HOwever, I have discovered the cost of being so overbooked. Sheer exauhstion and money loss. Going out is great and fun, but sadly normally costs more than I remember or am willing to spend, yet I go along with it and don't say anything. Definitely time to reign it it for a while. Thankfully next week, outside of three previously planned engagements, I am keeping myself open, if you want to come hang out for a couple hours at my house, give me a call, see what's going on. Otherwise, I will be stayin' in next week!!!

Talk to y'all later...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Because you had a bad day...

You ever just have one of those days? You oversleep, get to work late, stuck behind a semi (or whatever else is annoying the heck out of you on the road), traffic is bad, people at work are cranky, all compiling into your day...

Well, welcome to Jolene's day 4/9/08. Oversleep? Check! Get to work late? Check! Stuck behind a teeny tiny car that is going 40 in the fast lane? Check! People call in sick to work? Check! Doctor get called away to a HUGE emergency surgery that ate up 3/4 of our day? CHECK! Get slammed with patients at the end of the day because the doctor didn't want you to cancel them because she thought she would be back in time? DOUBLE CHECK! Have an ultrasound tech who's kids are at daycare and an ex husband who is out of town, along with two ultrasound techs who refuse to come help you out and your doctor is going nuts because we are about to be w/o an ultrasound tech? CHECK!

I ran my ASS off all day. My doctor gets called away, that means I had almost an entire afternoon of people to reschedule, all before their appointment which for the most part, was within the next hour to hour in a half. I can't take all the credit, I had some amazing help, Paula is amazing, and without her, I would never have been able to get ahold of the folks I needed to. I was frustrated, fed up with patients who had appointments for something that was not a pressing medical issue, but were severely annoyed that I had to tell them that since Dr. Hammond was called away to EMERGENCY surgery...wouldn't you want the doctor to drop and run for you???

I finally am able to leave work to head to Louisville to meet with my women's group. The one thing to rescue my day...margaritas, girlfriends and Chipotle. In that order. Well no, girlfriends, margaritas and THEN Chipotle.

Then when I get done with the girls, which was a great version of therapy by the way, (complete with the "re-enactment") I got my stuff together, put on my coat, check the phone and found the thing that made my entire day...a text message, and this is what it said:

U were gr8t 2 day. Thnx.

It was from Dr. Hammond. I'm sorry, did I have a problem today?