Sunday, August 23, 2009

All's Quiet on the Western Front

So this weekend has been just as I eluded to...quiet. I love this yet at the same time, if this happened every weekend, I could surely turn into a hermit VERY easily. Mom and Dad are out of town, Baxter is boarded at the vet, and I had action packed plans this weekend. All plans have fallen through and I have left the house ONCE in 48 hours. To Target. (Wewt, shoutout to Target!!)

I finished a book, started another one, and had a fit of the giggles SO bad at one point while reading, I'm sure my neighbors thought I was having a seizure (I was reading on the back porch). I highly recommend Jen Lancaster's books (thank you Terra) not only because they make you literally laugh out loud, but her writing is as if she was reading your mind. If not yours, then definitely mine. The section that had me laughing so hard? If you read her second book (Bright Lights, Big Ass), there is a section discussing the progression of the oh so fun game of "Slug Bug". I leave it there, as not to ruin it for anyone else. There were multiple other moments I laughed and giggled, but NONE like that section. I couldn't shake what I had read so I even broke down and wrote the there's something I've never done before. I can also say I haven't been this taken with a book since my all time fav, To Kill A Mockingbird. (Jen Lancaster, if you ever read this, yes I just compared Bright Lights, Big Ass to my paltry book, THAT'S BIG).

Tomorrow night is WAFFLE NIGHT! Now some would say 'WTF is waffle night?'...ahhh...let me teach you young one...(honestly, it's more of a joke than anything else...)

This whole thing started as a huge joke last year, and has been added to by a trio of Hallmark characters, Hoops and YoYo, and their little friend, Piddles. Waffles was the main theme (I'll spare you the whole card, it's rather entertainingly random.) and so then it became a joke when Chris and Melissa went to register regarding a waffle iron. Chris was vehemently against registering for one stating that it would only end up in the Cliff Huxtable Kitchen Electrical Appliance Graveyard. The deal became, if they registered for one, then Melissa would have to use it at least once a month the first year of their marriage or else he can sell it in a garage sale. Well, Kurt thwarted that, and gave one to her (the one she was going to register for) for her birthday instead. SO it has just escalated from there, becoming an ongoing joke. Well, now we stumbled on to the fact that tomorrow, August 24th, is National Waffle Day. The day that the inventor of the waffle iron received his patent. We have initiated a fun new get together...look out waffle bar, here we come!!!

Okay, it's now waaaay past my bedtime, and I have to be perky tomorrow, we have patients again! Please Lord, let vaca have been good for The Good Doctor...(I can hope right??)

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Mish-Mash, if you will...

So here I sit, at work, and I am bored.

I know that quite a few people have this problem daily. I really do love my job, 8 days out of 10.

For the last three weeks, our machine has been undergoing a big overhaul and upgrade. Now it's all kinds of spiffy (even more than before, as CMM still is in awe of the machine he is yet to see in person). Not only has our machine been down (so to speak) but The Good Doctor has been out of town on vacation, climbing some godforsaken mountain range in Europe. (Must be nice...I know...)

SO! As I sit here pondering what I can blog about so that it looks like I"m actually typing up more forms (I've got about 30 done so far, I deserve a fun typing break) and instead I'm blogging, I have struggled to find something to post about. I have come up with a couple of things...

1) My email conversations (read: tangents) with my good friend C. Daily the two of us Front Desk Jockeys share tidbits about life, our patients (w/o naming names of course, we aren't THAT dumb), our co-workers etc. Now, this used to happen when the two of us worked for different practices that shared office space. Now, neither of us work in the same office space, however she is still with the same practice. C has Beans (her now 7 month old adorable munchkin) who we discuss often and she sends me fun pictures of Beans up on all 4s (she's about to crawl) and entertains me with how she can just see Beans starting to have eagle-eye sights on the cat's tail or the dog's back leg. It's just a matter of time before someone loses some fur. C and I used to see each other weekly at our women's group, but now that THAT has imploded (long story...mucho later will I talk more about that...if you're lucky) we don't get to see each other nearly enough to satisfy either of us. We have had a couple of our Chipotle dates (don't underestimate the power of a Chipotle margarita...holy hell...$4 and stronger than most "nice" restaurants!!!!) so we can catch up, laugh hysterically (literally drinks have been snorted, falling out of chairs has been extremely close to's rather hysterical to watch) and then we have to go on our merry way(s).

Our email tangents run the gamut from how Beans is doing, how are she and her hubby doing, to how things were with my former roommate, to the obnoxious things patients say or expect, the way co-workers seem to have extremely high opinions of themselves...all kinds of things. This week however, our tangent has been extremely focused on a member of the NFL. Namely a certain quarterback who we both ADORE and would drop whatever man we may be with if he ever gave either of us the time of day. The rest of the story will be delved into shortly in my next bullet point. One of my favorite email threads with C was when we were planning her baby shower with our women's group, and I was asking her what type of cake she wanted. C has fought off gestational diabetes so when she found out from her gawd-awful glucose test that she wasn't diabetic, my first question was (and I quote) Sooo...what type of cake do you want for your shower?"

2) The Betrayal.

This week, my life was sent spinning when a certain NFL quarterback who is extremely talented decided to send his loyal fans into a royal sh*t fit. I speak of the oh-so-talented yet oh-so-daft Brett Favre.

I love this man. I have for years. C, myself and my friend AQ have all taken turns saying how we would all put him on our "List". (You all know what I'm talking about...if not, I'll tell you when you're older.) I have been a loyal Green Bay Packers fan since college. However...Brett left us in a huge ordeal of a retirement press conference two seasons ago. Then, oops, I'm not done, I'm going to go play for New York and wear the wrong shade of green. Ok, I got over that pretty easily. I can honestly say I didn't tune in to many NYJ games...I'm a Green Bay Cheesehead. Godspeed. Now, I've said he should have stayed retired since he left Green Bay. Instead, the jerk decided yeah, STILL not done after retiring AGAIN. Of all the teams he can go to, he goes to MINNESOTA. Wow. Green Bay's rival...the only way to have made that worse was to go to the Bears. (That was a direct friendly dig at my friend Chris, he's a great guy, just a Bears fan...we all have our faults.) Back to Brett...honestly going to Minnesota was like spitting in the face of 16 years of Green Bay fans and a team that GAVE YOU YOUR CAREER. Before Green Bay, you were a pine-pony riding snot nosed rookie in Atlanta. Now, you are a record-holding, hall-of-fame caliber (I may hate his team choice, but the man is still an amazing football player...can't deny that.) quarterback who can command obscene amounts of money for what you do.


3) Fantasy Football

If we are gearing up for Fantasy Football season, guess what else is right around the got it...REAL NFL FOOTBALL. I don't know what it is...maybe it's one of the things that rubbed off on me so much from working at ESPN Zone. I went in a rabid hockey fan, but in the last couple years, I've become so much more of a football fan! Maybe it's the fact that I was drawn more into the football world with Fantasy Football...I actually had to pay attention to what was going on so that my own little team of men wouldn't get trounced on every game! The other very valid and possible plays once a plays so often I lose track! Don't get me wrong, I still hold a dear place in my heart for my toothless grinning hockey boys. My attention has merely shifted. For good.

And on that note, I leave you for now...good luck and Godspeed!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Relay Has Come and Gone and a Myriad of Other Thoughts...

Wow...that was fast. 

It seems like just yesterday that I had mentioned possibly getting more involved in Relay close to church. Relay was Friday and stretched into Saturday. It was great! I missed being involved like I was the first go round, but holy buckets...this time was a LOT hotter than when I did it before! was great. Good times with my folks that came out and walked with us, and had great friend time with all my girls. I don't get to just sit and chat often enough with most of them, and I am constantly reminded why I love my friends. They are all amazing people. This year was still emotional for me when they read my Grandma and Aunt's names, but I guess in some way it starts to get easier? I'm not sure yet. I know it's still tough on my mom. The Relay committee was recruiting me pretty hardcore...I don't know yet. The thought of dealing with planning a Relay while all the crap with work is going on makes me want to shoot myself in the head (which somehow has become my new catchphrase...). However, I keep telling myself, next year, there is no way to tell if work will be this crazy or not.

C came out to walk with me for a while, and we had so much fun...skipping, doing the monkey dance (not to be repeated most likely) and gossiping like 2 teenagers. Hey, we may be a few years removed from actually having those years attached to us...(ok, so we're almost double that age, but hey, we've accepted it, so should you...move on) but we never tire of our weird sense of humor. Hard to believe that she and I have only known each other a couple years, feels like a whole lot longer than that!

My BFF is in town from Arizona...we got to spend an entire day doing classic J and Ch it absolutely terrible that I just don't feel like we got to go into everything we need to? Like there's this feeling of something unfinished. Can't quiiiite put my finger on it. Hmm...she's still here for the rest of this week, I think getting together on another day besides the night of her birthday party is going to have to be in order. (Sidenote...this blog has taken me a bit longer than normal to finish, I've already had an extra dinner w/her.  Yay!)

Work is a bit of a quandary right now.  We're all in the adjustment phase b/c we have a new manager.  D is a nice guy, I guess I liked working for my last boss (MO) so much, it's weird to have to hit the brakes and switch gears now to figure out this one's new ins and outs.  It's amazing how people's nuances are soooo different from person to person.  I'd like to think I'm actually doing really well with the change.  I know that I'm handling it better than my co-worker TCI (The Crazy Italian).  She was so used to just doing things w/o management involvement, to have D asking questions is driving her berserk.  I guess habits for a very stubborn, 50 year old, Italian woman are hard to break.  

With our new standard RT system going in, I have a lot of forms to re-create for our new doctor, Dr. S.  My inner nerd is rejoicing because I get to play on the computer for the rest of the week (like I don't do this every day...oh wait, was that out loud??)  but the other part of me that knows every time I sit down to tweak forms, I'm going to be interrupted by the phone ringing is cringing...wheeeeeee.  

Well, I guess that's about all for today...thus far.  Stay tuned...