Sunday, August 23, 2009

All's Quiet on the Western Front

So this weekend has been just as I eluded to...quiet. I love this yet at the same time, if this happened every weekend, I could surely turn into a hermit VERY easily. Mom and Dad are out of town, Baxter is boarded at the vet, and I had action packed plans this weekend. All plans have fallen through and I have left the house ONCE in 48 hours. To Target. (Wewt, shoutout to Target!!)

I finished a book, started another one, and had a fit of the giggles SO bad at one point while reading, I'm sure my neighbors thought I was having a seizure (I was reading on the back porch). I highly recommend Jen Lancaster's books (thank you Terra) not only because they make you literally laugh out loud, but her writing is as if she was reading your mind. If not yours, then definitely mine. The section that had me laughing so hard? If you read her second book (Bright Lights, Big Ass), there is a section discussing the progression of the oh so fun game of "Slug Bug". I leave it there, as not to ruin it for anyone else. There were multiple other moments I laughed and giggled, but NONE like that section. I couldn't shake what I had read so I even broke down and wrote the there's something I've never done before. I can also say I haven't been this taken with a book since my all time fav, To Kill A Mockingbird. (Jen Lancaster, if you ever read this, yes I just compared Bright Lights, Big Ass to my paltry book, THAT'S BIG).

Tomorrow night is WAFFLE NIGHT! Now some would say 'WTF is waffle night?'...ahhh...let me teach you young one...(honestly, it's more of a joke than anything else...)

This whole thing started as a huge joke last year, and has been added to by a trio of Hallmark characters, Hoops and YoYo, and their little friend, Piddles. Waffles was the main theme (I'll spare you the whole card, it's rather entertainingly random.) and so then it became a joke when Chris and Melissa went to register regarding a waffle iron. Chris was vehemently against registering for one stating that it would only end up in the Cliff Huxtable Kitchen Electrical Appliance Graveyard. The deal became, if they registered for one, then Melissa would have to use it at least once a month the first year of their marriage or else he can sell it in a garage sale. Well, Kurt thwarted that, and gave one to her (the one she was going to register for) for her birthday instead. SO it has just escalated from there, becoming an ongoing joke. Well, now we stumbled on to the fact that tomorrow, August 24th, is National Waffle Day. The day that the inventor of the waffle iron received his patent. We have initiated a fun new get together...look out waffle bar, here we come!!!

Okay, it's now waaaay past my bedtime, and I have to be perky tomorrow, we have patients again! Please Lord, let vaca have been good for The Good Doctor...(I can hope right??)

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