Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hodge Podge Post

Ok, so I've been a wee bit absent since the end of the photo challenge...apparently I need something daily to keep me posting!  However, since that can't always be the case, time to start stockpiling ideas, and daily nuances to tell my peeps about!

Wrapping up the photo challenge...

It was a LOT of fun!!!  If you were bored by it, I'm sorry, look at it this way, it could have been MUCH longer!  In doing a little research, I found out that there is not only a 60 day, but a 100 day photo challenge too!  30 days was more than enough for me.  Especially when I started looking at the rest of the 100 day challenge list...and realizing that I think a high schooler took the 30 day list and started adding things randomly that most grown adults either wouldn't have pictures of or have done in the last few time to resume regular blogging.

Regular blogging...ummm...right...time to start looking for topics!  Any suggestions?  I know it's a lifestyle kind of blog that I'm doing here, and I'm sure I'll have some events (knitting and crochet projects etc) to post.  I was given a few links (this blogger that Maggy introduced me to, broke it into a three-part series on her blog: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) to look at for blogging tips, and I've already implemented a couple of them, but am still working on a few.  I'm still getting a grasp on the whole formatting thing.  (Thanks, Jenni at Story of My Life!!)

I recently started running the Facebook page for a local knitting shop (Knit Knack in Arvada, yes, that was a shameless plug for you to check it out), and wanted to get a bit more info, so I went in search of some "for Dummies" books at a local Barnes and Noble.  They had the books on their website, but I wanted to look at them before ordering.

(Because sadly, they were much cheaper through amazon...Samantha...that was for you, oh, by the way, she's doing a GREAT little giveaway on her blog right, go...I swear, her cookies are THE BOMB.)

I went with my best friend, Cheryl, and in an entire bookstore, not only did they not have the two books I was looking for, but when I looked for a couple other guides on writing, styles etc.  Nothing.  Nada.  ZIP.  Instead, there were 3 wall sections of THIS:

REALLY??  3 whole wall sections on "Teen Paranormal Romance", yet I can't find a book on writing? What, is Barnes and Noble afraid people will start writing instead of reading?  Good grief.

So, to get back onto topic, yes, I went and bought not only Facebook Marketing for Dummies (um, holy cow, the thing is littered with post it notes already...and I thought I already knew a lot about Facebook!), which led to also buying the Blogging for Dummies book.  Now, to put them both to good use.

I have to give a couple shout sister in law, Maggy, has been a great help with learning HTML and photobucket, and is a plethora of blog knowledge.  (PS: Check out her blog HERE.)

My next shout out is to my cousin Anke, in Germany (Hi Anke!!).  She has written me a couple sweet comments and sent me an email the other day, so I just thought I'd give her a special hi.  :)

Not much else is goin' on right now, however I am getting my tattoo touched up tomorrow/today (it was supposed to be tonight while my sister was here but that story will be for when I get it fixed), so I am excited about that!

Since I don't have much else to share at the moment, I'll give you a "before" picture of the tat...when I initally got it.  Then tomorrow I will (hopefully) have 3 pictures for you...initial, oops, and the fix.  Until tomorrow!

(You'll have to forgive me, the pic is 5 years old, and was taken on either an older camera or cell phone, so the quality isn't exactly stellar.)


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