Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So, lately, life has been a bit...well...stressful.  (I'm fine, I swear.)  Lots going on.  I'm not trying to complain, and bring everyone down, so I'll share a few of the things that have been definitely making me laugh/smile/happy in the last few weeks.  Because c'mon...who DOESN'T want a youtube video to chuckle at?

Yes, I realize that a few of these involve babies laughing...I can't help it...that sound is good for the SOUL.

Up first:  Emerson FUH-REAKING out at his mommy blowing his nose.

Next: A little girl, her dog, and bubbles.

Two Bunnies in Cups.  No, it's not one of those weird clips...it seriously is just two ADORABLE bunnies in cups.  The one on the right, is my fav.

French Bulldog puppy who can't roll back over...I know, you are supposed to let these puppies figure this out on their own, but how stinkin' cute is he???

Whose Line Is It Anyways? - This show originated in the UK, but had an awesome run here in the States as well.  I LOVE this show.  I have a fav ep where Ryan Stiles hits the neon light on Drew Carey's desk, breaks the light, but never breaks character.  I about died laughing.

I can't embed this one, but here is the link, skip to about 2:15 to see the part where I literally almost peed my pants (after I figured out he wasn't hurt).

So there you go...a couple of the things that are making me giggle these days.  Anyone reading or watching anything funny of note to share?

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