Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A New Challenge!!

So, you know when you sit down to write a blog, you have serious writer's block and can't think of a single thing to write?  Yeah...totally have been there the last few weeks.  My 30 day photo challenge finished up and then the Royal Wedding, and then...(insert the sound of crickets here)...nothing.

Oh sure, I was able to post a couple times, one being silly YouTube videos, the others being small things.  But I've decided it's time to start a new thread.  You guessed it.  Another challenge.

No, no it's not another photo one, this one is a bit easier because all the pieces are already out there, I just need to cull iTunes to find them all.  That's right it's the


No, I will not be boring you with only country music, I have quite the eclectic taste in music really.  But, fair warning, I am a country fan, so there will likely be a sizeable smattering of that genre in this challenge...oh, and Broadway...and...oh you get it.

I am half asleep as I am currently typing this, so I will start the challenge tomorrow.  According to the list, I am to find my favorite song.  Well crap, this might be harder than I thought...

PS: Yes, Maggy, this is my carrot.  :)

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Maggy said...

hahahaha YAY! can't wait!