Friday, March 4, 2011

3, 3, 3 Hat Posts In One!

So, I eluded to CMM's hat in previous posts (see: here) but it's done!  In fact, it's been done for a bit, so I'm surprised at myself for not posting it already!

Cameron's Spikes (will be updated with the picture of him actually wearing it later)

Also, Kathryn turned 7 just last week...and I am still having a hard time with me, she still is this:

As you will see in pictures below, she's definitely NOT that little girl anymore.  I am refusing to believe that means I am any older though.  Anyways, in working on her birthday present, I realized (after finishing) that I had done something horribly wrong, or the pattern wasn't written the same or something.  (Likely, it was me doing something wrong.)  However, my mistake on the first go round ended up being a PERFECT hat for a 6 month old little someone.  (That should give you a hint as to how off I was...was supposed to fit a 7 year old, instead, fits a 6 month old.)

Here are pictures of Kathryn and her hat!

And now...big girl in her hat...ugh, she CAN'T be seven already!!!

(I have to admit, I love this can see just a hint of her eyelashes and her adorable little nose...ugh...Auntie Jolene isn't biased AT ALL...)

So, of course, if this means this is the good hat...the oopsies one, has to still be around, right?  Nope, boxed it up, and sent it off to one of the cutest 6 month olds I know...

Still is pretty cute though right??

Momma Molly got the package SUPER fast and w/in a day and a half, THESE showed up on facebook...

The first picture, I just died...that little face, and the fact that she was obviously having such a good time, that we lost a sock.  LOVE.

The second one...who doesn't love an adorable kid with her Baby Ray-Bans and the beach?!

Lady A...Auntie Jolene just wants to EAT. YOU. UP.

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Karen said...

Very cute little friends you have!