Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 - A picture of your favorite memory

I can't narrow it down to one summer...but the annual family vacation spot, Sandpiper Resort in Pacific Beach, Washington is the winner.  Every summer from at least once Sister and Brother were toddlers until we moved to Colorado in was a LONG haul in the car with the whole family squished together (a couple years with the dog too) but when we were there, you could smell it...the ocean...the on the beach...

We went to the same place every year.  We deviated one year, but only for the one...after that, Cabin A (for A-Frame) at Sandpiper Beach Resort was our home for 4 days or more, depending.  (I could be wrong on the total amount of days...but who cares at this point.)

The next few pictures include only a few stock photos from Sandpiper's website...the rest...real life...geez my hair was nuts...

The lawn, where many a game of catch and frisbee were played.

Brother, playing in the window of Mom's room.

Sister, doing the same.

Yes, occasionally it rains at the beach...

I want to say late elementary school for me...but whatever it was, it was NEON!

L-R: Lyndsey, Sister, Me, Brother, Kevin

This was when I was in Junior High...I can tell by the sweatshirt.

Yes...this is me...gum in the corner of my mouth...white girl fro in full force...

Napping Cousins

One of the trips we made back after moving to CO.

The Path to the Beach

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