Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 12

Day 12 - A picture of something you love.

"There's a difference between like and love.  Because I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack."
"But, I love my Sketchers."
"That's because you don't have a Prada backpack."

While this is in no way the tone I took today's photo challenge, (bonus points to the person who comments with the correct movie that above quote is from) I get to choose how I interpret these challenges, and if you want to do it differently...kudos, embark on your own photo challenge and do as you please!

You will notice there is a theme to these pictures.  I'm kind of curious as to what everyone else thinks is the theme, but that's the fun of it...

Can you guess yet? 

No?  C'mooon...sensing ANY kind of theme??

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller...Bueller...

What I LOVE is not taking myself/life too seriously.  (I know, I'm with me, keep reading.)

There is 99.999% of the time, something that can be made light of in a situation (when appropriate).  There is something that when skewed juuuuuuust right...turns something either said off hand, looked at just wrong, or caught in the right mood, is absolutely hilarious.  

Do I take life seriously when it needs to be?  Yes.  (For the most part.)  

However, since I am one of those oh so annoying glass-half-full people who refuses to dwell in the Pit of Despair (another movie reference...oh c'moooon, humor me, you've read this far...) for longer than the shortest amount I can possibly can,  I am constantly amused by the simplest of things that you may think "Um, ok, yeah, whatever, ya freak." the whole while, in my little world, the the best part.


I contribute the talent of not dwelling in the Pit of Despair (C'mon, really??  NObody??) to the fact that I am 1) one of those annoying glass-half-full people, and 2) I am easily distrac...oooo SHINY!!! so something is bound to come along shortly to distract me.


rachel said...

10 Things I Hate About You...

Maggy said...

Ha it's crazy how those movie quotes will stick with us, I thought the theme was funny faces - but maybe that's close? :)

Jolene said...

I can totally see the funny faces one...maybe it's just an easier way to see the lighter side? :)