Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catching Up...

So, I have the following to add to the finished objects list...and my queue of upcoming is getting longer by the day!  This is when I would love to still be unemployed so I could work on them so much more!

I have an afghan (for me) that has been in progress for over a year.  A friend has finished hers, and is definitely inspiring to get mine done.  However, in the meantime, I have (as of today) 14 (omg, FOURTEEN) pieces that are on "order", not counting the two that are in progress.  THIS is why I could never do this for money.  My life is busy, and sadly things end up going by the wayside. (In other news, I'm actually trying to un-busy my life some this year...not a resolution so much as an overall goal.)

On the needles now is a hat for CMM that I promised him months ago, but thankfully, 1) he's understanding, and 2) he took forever deciding on what colors and 3) kept forgetting to get me his noggin measurements.  Pictures will be posted after he receives his hat, as I never like spoiling the surprise for the recipient.

In the meantime...two finished objects to show!  One for Shannon, as a birthday present (I busted butt on his, I had a short turnaround!) and then there was Philip's Roar.  What could be better for a 2 year old who loves dinosaurs??

Up first: Shannon's Dream Catcher.  Same pattern as Bailey and Robin's hats, but without the pom-poms!

This is the picture that arrived at my phone right after he opened his package!

Up next:  Birthday Boy Philly's Dino!

But of course, how CUTE does little brother Jake look in Philly's Roar hat???

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