Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh the Life of the Unemployed...

So, as of Dec 2, I became unemployed.  Something that is definitely scary in this economic climate.  (Wow...that was very grown up sounding.)  I wrote about this earlier in a short blurb here, and I promise this won't be a misery-laden diatribe.  (That word was for my Scrabble loving sister in law and BFF English teacher...)

I have honestly LOVED being unemployed.  I know that sounds so weird.  I was lucky to get severance pay so I have had income...but I've been able to spend time resting (something I'm not normally too familiar with), knitting and crocheting (something I am so loving), spending quality time at the gym (something I need to still be better about) and spending time with good friends (something I always love).

I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy this unemployment over the holidays, so I could actually relax and enjoy the holidays for one of the first times since working retail.  I seriously think everyone should be forced to work at Target the day after Thanksgiving and WalMart the day after Christmas at LEAST once in their lives, so that they will have a respect for those that do that every day anyways.  (sorry...sidenote...)

I am now amongst the employed once again, and I can with all honesty, say that I didn't miss it.  The office politics, the waking up at a "decent" hour (although, to be honest, my body never adapted to my "vacation", I still woke up at 745 every morning), the need for caffeine to be functioning, etc.  However, it's the patients I did miss.  The interaction with some amazing folks, and some, well folks that are just going through some really hard times in their lives.  I look forward to being able to help them again.

As I did say above, I did get some serious knitting and crochet time while I was w/o a job.  I love how portable this hobby is.  Throw it in a bag...and go.  I've posted some of the stuff I've done, just need to catch up on a few others... we go...

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Karen said...

Congrats on the new job, I hope you grow to LOVE it!