Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hats Hats Hats!!!!!

Now granted, I did have these done prior to being unemployed, just haven't had time to post them!

My bff Spartacus saw Sister's newsboy hat I was working on, and I knew she'd look fantastic in it...so I whipped one up for her too!  She (like me) has a love for things that are that beautiful combo of robin's egg blue and chocolate brown, so when I got this Spud and Chloe yarn, I knew it was perfect for her hat!

"Jack" for Spartacus
My friend Robin, saw me making the pink hats for my friend from high school (see here) and asked if I would make her a hat for running.  I had her look at a couple patterns and as soon as she saw the pattern for a hat with pom poms...that was it...and THIS was born...er...made...

Ummm...ignore the badge on the counter and cords on the floor!  :)

Fun right???  I've already made another hat in this pattern, but for a munchkin.  I just haven't gotten pictures taken of it yet.  Plus, I'm not as thrilled with the pom pom placement, stay tuned for that in the next post or two!

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