Thursday, November 25, 2010

Audrey, Aubry and Emily - The Inspiration and the Product!

Months ago, I did a hat for for my SIL's new niece, which turned out so teeny and SO cute.  (See the original post here.)  Well, Peanut has grown enough to fit into her beanie, and SIL's Sister, sent/posted the cutest picture of little Audrey!!!  Also, this was one of the first pictures of one of my finished projects on a munchkin, so it's fun to see!!

*squeee* she's just so CUTE!!!

Back when I finished Audrey's hat, one of my friends from high school (who I've reconnected via facebook) saw the pictures I posted and was so thrilled by it, she asked if I could make it for her little girl.  Emily sent me the yarn that her little girl, Aubry, picked out.  I cast on for the hat and did everything according to gauge, only to wind up having a hat that was nowhere NEAR small enough for a 2 or 3 year old!!! (Let me put it this way...MY fat head could fit in it!) I decided, hey, I have enough yarn, I'll finish this one off  and then mom will have a surprise when she opens the box!  So, here are the pictures...Mom's is the dark pink, and Aubry's is the light pink!!

I have them all bowed up and ready to mail out, just need to make it to the post office!  Can't wait to see how they look on the girls!

I've figured out that in doing these hats, that super bulky yarn, is VERY warm (when all done)!  I switched after these to a worsted weight yarn project and it's like comparing rope to spaghetti noodles!  :)  I loved learning from these!!!

Patterns are all available on Ravelry!
Audrey's Hat:  Umbilical Cord Hat (my modification was to not do the cord)
Emily and Aubry's hats:  KnitPick's Easy Peasy Hat 
Both sets have the following pattern for the flowers:  Crochet Flower Fridgies

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