Friday, September 4, 2009

Why Is It...

**DISCLAIMER** This entry has nothing to do with my brother's upcoming wedding! These were just thoughts that happened to be going through my head. read on! :)

That whenever a friend or family member is getting married, drama seems to intensify 30-fold? Now, I have had many a friend get married, and within the course of just under a year, I will have gone through two sibling's weddings. There was one summer, that between my sister and myself, we were either in, related to, heavily involved in the planning of or invited to no less than 10 weddings. TEN. In one summer. Holy bridesmaid dresses Batman.

How is it that so many emotions are wrapped up in the teeny tiny details that go into a day like a wedding day? Is it because of all of the traditions? Is it because of the significance of the day? Or is it because there is such immense pressure to out-do the friend who got married last or make your day everything your Barbie-Dreamhouse-Dreams imagined?

I know of friendships that have ended because they weren't asked to be in the bridal party. Mothers and daughters who have had knock down drag out screaming matches over how the decorations should be. Last I checked, this was supposed to be a celebration of two people making an awesome commitment to each other, not an episode of Jerry Springer.

It never ceases to amaze me the insanity that follows after friends announce that they are engaged. "Oh how exciting! When is the big day? Where are you going to have it?" Um...they've been engaged for 10 minutes, she's lucky her head isn't still spinning!

Now, I'm no expert on the emotions of a bride (seeing as how *stopping to check left hand* I'm not married) however having been the "buffer" (AKA The Maid of Honor or Sacrificial Bridesmaid) enough times, sometimes it just gets to be too much for one person who is supposed to enjoy their day when people are peppering them with questions instead. Word to the wise...if you don't have to ask her opinion, DON'T. Find a bridesmaid, Maid of Honor or close family member (most times Mothers of the Bride are just as nuts as the bride on the big day) to ask your question. Otherwise you risk interrupting hair or makeup being done, or even worse, one of the few calm moments in her day before the festivities.

As for alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of the details that go into all this, I have watched many friends have absolutely gorgeous weddings, as well as a few odd ones. (Halloween...THAT was an experience!!!) There are so many details, it's mind boggling, no wonder there are many paid professionals (Events Simplified is my event company of choice...and yes, it's my sister's company and yes I am giving her a shameless plug.) to do all your worrying and planning for you!

Here's the thing...all that matters is that the two of you enjoy your day. Some folks that means the fairytale...some that means a backyard. Me, honestly as un-romantic as it may sound...LAS VEGAS. There are days when I think about that day if it will be something I'll want more along the traditional lines. However, if you know me, I am typically one to say "Buck Tradition" and go my own way. I think I might try (listen to me as if something was actually on the too many Dr. Peppers for me today...) to do some kind of a hybrid. Go to Vegas, take a handful of people (meaning less than 10), come home, get settled and then a few weeks later, throw a big party to have the first dance, garter, bouquet etc traditions. In my twisted mind, somehow this seems a lot less stressful!!! find a groom.... ;)

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Barefootin said...

:) I think most grooms would consider your type of wedding the best!! I am praying for you during this time I love you!!