Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That's Not My Name...

There is a song out right now by The Ting's called "That's Not My Name" and to be honest, it is VERY fitting right now.

My boss seems to have a very distinct issue with my name.  He can't remember it, and therefore instead calls me Janelle.

I work at the front desk, I answer the phone, people butcher my name all the time.  Half the time I never see these people anyways, so it's no big deal, Coleen, Julie, all kinds of things.  I even have no issues with when people butcher the spelling of my name (and trust me, with my first and last names, that's an almost daily occurrence).  If I don't spell it out for you...most people would have no idea how to spell it.  Oh some take some interesting stabs at it, don't get me wrong.

Here's the thing...I work with my boss every day.  I'm not in some corner tucked away where he can't see me or deal with me every day.  He sees me whenever he walks out into the main area of our office.  I do projects for him DAILY.  He's taken to the whole "What can I do for ya girlfriend?" when I enter his office with a question.  While I appreciate how casual and laid back our office is, I'm not so sure I'm thrilled with this cop out for not saying my name.

I guess after two months of busting my @$$ for him, it's not enough for him to remember.  I don't know what bugs me more...the fact that he doesn't learn my name or laughs every time I correct him.  I think I deserve at least enough respect from you that you learn my name.  

To him/everyone else it may not be something, but I love my name.  My name is unusual.  You don't meet many Jolene's in this world.  I am named after some amazing women and I'm proud of that.  All I ask is the respect I and my name are due.

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dhahn said...

Hey Janelle who is this Jolene person posting on your blog?

Oh, and I need coffee