Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Notches in My Bumper

I work in Boulder...also known as "The Republic of Boulder". Land of the green, home of the left wing. :)

Anyways, being the "green"/healthy city that Boulder is,, there are cyclists, runners and walkers (recreational and serious) ALL OVER. That's awesome, wish I lived close enough to work I could bike, it would save me a ton in gas every month and also would give me a workout. However, I live over 35 minutes away by car, so that's not going to happen any time soon.

However, in the beautiful city of Boulder, the cyclists run rampant and have one helluva sense of entitlement.  They also show up out of NOWHERE.

The other day, I was driving, obeying all the rules (if you know me, I have gotten much better about my driving in the last few years) and this girl (by the way...University of Colorado is less than 10 minutes down the road, so college students abound) comes FLYING through the intersection and I almost took her out.  Would have been a first...but I really don't think I deserved the dirty look she shot me when she was the one that ran the light and intersection!!!

Also, I can be slightly guilty of this at times while on my cell phone as well.  You get wrapped up in your conversation and dont' always look where you're going.  However, when I get close to a major intersection...I at least look around!!!  This girl juuuust kept walking...thank the good Lord I double and triple checked to see if she was stopping or not!  Nope.  Again...plowed right through the interesection!  

Almost got my first pedestrian on the same day as I almost got the cyclist.  

People...look where the heck you're going!!!!!!!

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