Thursday, September 17, 2009

C25K and Big Girl Work Out Apparel

Now for those that have no idea...some are saying something along the lines of "WTH is C25K?". There is a program called the "Couch to 5K" hence, C25K. I have never been a runner. I have always joked that I don't run unless a bear is chasing me. Well, I think that bear has finally arrived.

I've done a few 5K's recently and my time is improving...only by a few minutes, but hey those minutes matter. (To me anyways.) My friend, the Soccer Mom (she knows who she is) the exercising FREAK that she is (I'm kidding Soccer Mom...I envy your ability at the moment!) has been kicking butt. She not only walks like 6 miles plus a DAY (that's a DAY folks...I'm stiff and sore after a 5K ONCE in like a month!!), she manages to run all over town for the 16 billion soccer practices and games for her two kids. Where she finds the energy I will never now. Maybe it's her addiction to Diet Coke, but that's just a guess. Now, I am about to do my 3rd 5K in 3 months (second one this month...actually 2nd this week! Yay me!) and we are already trying to plan out more 5K's we can do together throughout the fall. (Is it sick that I'm actually getting excited about this?)

I enjoy the time with my friends while walking the 5K's, and it's good to get out and get moving. (seeing as how it's been maybe once since my sister's wedding in May that I've seen the inside of the gym by work...) I think though, that it's time for me to step it up a notch. I'm 31. Yup, I said it. Sadly, I am not 18 anymore, so the bod just doesn't bounce back and drop pounds like it used to. I'm sure if I kick my own butt enough, I might drop some (please Lord, don't kill me on the way to a smaller/healthier me!) There are just the typical logistical issues that come up...I'm exhausted after work, I have too much going on, I have plans with friends...etc etc etc. I had a goal before, my sister's wedding. I guess I could use my brother's upcoming wedding as a goal...hmmm. We'll see.

Here's the for active wear that fits well, isn't going to fall apart, and is a nightmare. How is it that the world expects people who are overweight/obese to exercise and lose weight, yet we are expected to wear tents and muumuus (ok, am a bit freaked out...that word was found in the spell check on the computer...yikes) in order to hide those tummies we are sweating our A$$ES OFF to get rid of?? Don't get me wrong...I love my old "Got Favre?" t-shirt and comfy capri pants...but at the same time, I'm tired of drowning in it and would really like to also look SOMEWHAT cute while I sweat.

I've looked at the typical "big girl" stores. Yeah...not much there. Thank the good Lord above for the internet. If you Google "plus size activewear" it is AMAZING what shows up on your screen.

I have just placed a couple orders for things from one store, we will see. I've not had a lot of luck with tops from there, as they not only have a plus sized department (online only b/c God forbid we set foot in one of their actual stores...eep...) but regular brick-and-mortar stores too. It's frustrating because I think I'm in-between sizes and I can't try them on before buying. Costing more money because I have to order two different sizes to try them on to see what fits better. Gotta love shipping costs that increase the more you buy. *pff* the interest of full bod ain't ready for running yet. My knees wouldn't be able to take it, for long. Instead, we ease into this...walking is our friend. We've been doing it for years. Now, to just do it on a more regular basis to work into C25K w/in a week. THAT is my short term goal...walk to the point where I can handle starting this program in one week.

(Crap, now I've said I have to do it!!)

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Barefootin said...

Hey Girl - I am SO with you. I have made it 6 weeks walking 3 days a week!! - you can do it :) I only have to wake up really early 2 days a week (the last morning I walk is usually a Sat so I don't have to wake up so early LOL Love ya let me know if I can help in any way!!