Saturday, December 1, 2007

If this is a preview... 9/15/07

...then I'm scared for the main feature.

My parents' 34th wedding anniversary is today. My dad (the romantic that he is) calls me at work last week and says, how cool would it be to surprise Mom with a party for our anniversary and while we're there, have Kurt re-marry us and renew our vows? I immediatly got choked up. How freakin' cute is this?

So my mind immediately kicks into overdrive, and sends me into a whole other dimension of planning a party. This one is means something a little more. Music, flowers, food, people, timing, secrets. Dear Lord, give me strength to make it through this week!

Let me give you a basic timeline of how this shindig was pulled off...

Phone calls were made last Saturday. Melissa and I were at the florist on Monday (sidenote, don't go to the Flowerama on 80th and Sheridan), orders placed and paid for. Wednesday food and cake were ordered and confirmed. Thursday the meltdown with the florist (hence the reason not to go there and if you do, deal ONLY with Amanda, she's the only one who seems to know what she's doing) happened which set me off for the next few hours. Oh, and that little "tiff" with the florist...triggered a migraine. Joy. Not only stress, but pain. Thursday night, driving all over southern Denver looking for the right flowers for the top of the cake. No luck. Headache getting worse. Friday morning, holy crap, my head feels like it's in a vice. Call in to work, roll over and go right back to sleep. Wake up around 1030, shower get dressed, even with a minor migraine (at this point in time), still have crap that needs to get done.

Long story slightly long...pulled it off.

Mom was shocked at the fact that we got her with something like this, Kurt did his thing, good times were had by all.

I"m sure I'll be posting a bucnh of pictures etc here in a little bit, but until then rest assured, if ever the right man comes along, it will take some serious convincing to make me want to plan a large wedding.

If planning a mini-non wedding for 20 people was this much work, I can only imagine how much work a wedding can be and to that I have a one word response.


Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend, I'm off for a nap.

PS: The video that was made for the party today turned out great, thank you to Becky Duran for helping me into the wee hours to make it look as good as it does. It's posted in my videos.

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