Saturday, December 1, 2007

9/3/07 - Office Crap

Okay...this blog has been stewing for just over a's just taken me that long to gather my thoughts and make them make some sort of sense...

I go to work, I show up, I do a good job (or at least I try and it seems like there are no complaints, I have never been "talked to" about my work), and for the most part, I actually enjoy what I do. However, we all have them...the co-worker who drives us absolutely crazy. I have one who absolutely drives me NUTS. When I started, this person was one of the two/three that trained me on how to do my job. After being with my company for a few months, I figured some things out on my own (I'm not completely dense) about them, was (unwillingly) informed of details of their personal life that ended up directly affecting me because of the in office relationship they were in.

Since that relationship was blown out of the water (due to their own stupidity, not due to me doing anything, contrary to what the person believes.) this person has made not only my life, but everyone in the office's lives a living nightmare. Over the course of the last two and a half weeks, this has gotten even worse. It seems that every thirty seconds I'm turning around and THERE THEY ARE.

I am an emotional person everywhere but at work. Or at least I try my damndest not to be emotional at work. However, when you have someone who will NOT leave you alone to do your job and keeps trying to make you fail so that they can gloat over you gets to be too much. I lost it twice at work in the last two weeks, and that pisses me off.

Once was at the office where this person was, but thank god my office is back in a corner, so I was able to have my moment, let only the two people I care to know about it know, and then could deal with it on my own. The second was at the other office (my preferred office) while discussing it with my co-worker that knows everything. (LOVE HER.)

This has gotten under my skin quite badly, and even had me looking for another job at one point last week. I didn't apply for anything, but I sure did look at what else is out there to see if I have a couple options out there. I don't want to leave my job, I love my co-workers (except for the one that's the problem), I love the two doctors I work for, but for crying out loud, why, if I'm doing my job to the best that I can POSSIBLY do, and you know that I'm good at what I do, would you want to drive me away? Oh right, because you get your jollies by making other people's lives a nightmare. Oh, and because you HAVE to have your hand in everything that goes on in the office.

This co-worker is also good at making an attempt at a pre-emptive strike before you finally say something to them putting this person on the defensive. Example: asks me what's wrong (because I'm unusually quiet in the office, and let's face it, I'm not that quiet normally), in front of at least 6 other people in the break room. How unprofessional is this? If you know someone is upset with you, pull them aside, and deal with the situation between the two of you. I'm not going to fall for this and embarrass my co-workers, let alone myself, by starting something with you in front of them that has nothing to do with them. It's none of their business and I don't need the office to know all of my business. However, if you don't quit cornering me, guess what, back off or one of these days I'm just going to strike out at you (verbally) like a cornered, rabid dog.

Step the f*ck off.

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