Saturday, December 1, 2007


So here I sit, on a Friday night, at home, in pj's and it's 930pm. Some moments I feel like a complete loser for doing just this and then I think about how I'm trying to remember that I don't care what the world thinks. Yeah, that's a whole heckuva lot easier to say than do!

I also just this second realized I didn't call my best friend back tonight. I'm a dork. Cher, I'm so sorry!

This week has been interesting in ways, it was a basic week at work, no big deal, finished housesitting for a friend on Sunday, picked her up from the airport, had a GREAT dinner and conversation, yet somehow, something feels like it's missing from my week. Maybe it's the fact that for the first time in a LONG time, I have not had something going on every night this week. How sad am I that while I am so glad to have a life and friends that keep me busy, I'm thrilled with having some time to just relax and not have to be somewhere each night. Now, that being said, you would have thought, hey, if she has all this time on her hands, she would have gotten caught up on all the crap that we all have to deal with on a daily basis, like laundry, clean the bathroom, vacuuming, etc etc etc. Yeah, no. I was a lazy bum this week. AND IT FELT GLORIOUS!!!

I am by no means trying to say that I am sick of spending time with my friends. I am lucky to have amazing friends who actually want to spent their valuable time with me. I am in no way trying to say "hey, quit calling me and wanting to do stuff...I'm going to go be a hermit for a week", I'm just saying, it's nice to be able to come home, kick my shoes off at the door, throw my bag on the couch, kick back, and do NOTHING if I want to.

Crap, this all makes me feel and sound old. I always swore I would never grow up. Oh well, turning 29 and working will do that to you. Can't I just go back to being in college where the "real world" is after graduation, which would be at a quarter to never? I watched the movie "Van Wilder" this past weekend. Minus one scene (if you've seen the movie, you know which one I'm talking about), I could totally identify with the guy who didn't want to leave collge. Who in their right mind, would?

On a completely seperate note, I went car shopping tonight. Hallelujah, the wagon is on the market for new owner. Know anyone who wants a used stations wagon? Ahh...memories of the Shaggin' Wagon (yes, Allison, that was a direct steal from you and the van)...crashing Brew At the Zoo, Bek's bachelorette party, there are more I'm sure. I am a girl in the market for a car that is actually something that looks like a car that a 29 year old single woman WITHOUT CHILDREN would drive around. I can't discredit the car, I was (and still am) very lucky to have been given this car in my hour of need. Now, my hour of need has changed from needing that car, to needing someone to buy the car from me. Any takers?

Okay, I have already fallen asleep at my computer (and no, I'm not in bed with the laptop this time, I'm actually sitting at a table with the laptop on it) once, and I"m sure there would be more, however I am calling it good, and am headed for bed.

Adios all.


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