Saturday, December 1, 2007

Humanity and my recent lack of faith in it. 8/27/07

Okay, so I need rant.

One of my best girlfriends from college is going through an extremely rough time right now, and the thing that is making her life miserable is someone who is single-handedly proving to me that there really are such assholes out there in the world.

If you choose to show up to a party that you weren't invited to, proceed to mainline a large quantity of alcohol that you provided yourself, try to start something with party guests (who WERE invited), then struggle to get out an already blocked door and manage to fall and whack yourself on your head, you deserve it.

I do honestly feel bad that you are now permanently disabled from being able to work. However, why should my friend, who's party YOU crashed, have to foot the bill for your stupidity? You are the one who sold insurance for a living BUT CHOSE NOT TO CARRY ANY OF YOUR OWN!!!

Hey dumbass...yours is comin'.

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