Saturday, December 1, 2007

10/30/07 - Here We Go Again... I've been working for my docs for almost two years now (it will be two years in February) I can't believe it's gone by that fast.

In two years, cost of living has increased (anybody else feel that??) but has my paycheck? Nope. I have been trying to pay things off, not ring up more debt, but life is expensive and doing it on just my check from the MD's...just not cutting it.

I worked at two jobs for at least 3 if not really close to 4 years, and at one point landed myself in the hospital for surgery, and at another point, wound up driving all over tim-buk-tu eating up gas and therefore my paycheck. So taking on a second job again was quite literally close to the bottom of my "want to do again" list.

I already drive all over the dang city for my job w/the docs, what with being between the two offices during the week, so sure, why not add something to my plate?

Yup, I did it, I went and got a second job tonight. I actually applied for it over a month ago, but apparently their computer system was down and the people never got my email until the week I was in California, she called and we set up tonight's interview. If you could actually call it an interview.

I am now the latest addition to the team at the Golden branch of Camp Bow Wow. Sounds fun right? You're right. Unless I get stuck with doody duty. Where else do you get PAID to play with pups all day and then go home w/o the mess waiting for you there?

Anyways, I'm only working there 4 hours on Saturdays and Sundays just to help pay some more stuff off so I can MOVE!!! I will be working the early shift (I know what you're thinking...she's nuts, she's too much of a night owl), but before you say too much, I'm off by 1130 so my nights are free! Yay!

Well...Camp Bow Wow I come!

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