Friday, May 14, 2010

The Many Adventures of Two Front Desk Jockeys

In order to stay sane at work, folks resort to many different tactics.  Some healthier than others.  My good friend C and I have worked together for a total of almost 2 years.  We worked together in the same office, yet for different practices and now, we've worked together for the same practice for 3 months.

We share daily life outside of work stories, laugh at things that probably aren't funny to anyone but us, listen to patients' families and the "interesting" parts of their lives that never cease to make us wonder which crazy tree folks fall from.  (Trust me, we're our own brand of crazy too, so we don't pass judgment, just are thoroughly entertained.)

If you are friends with either of us on facebook, you would see that we both update often with some of the funniest things that happen in our office or something absolutely dumb our boss has said.  After today's latest installment, I decided I had to compile some for a blog...if you don't get them, no biggy, some are inside jokes anyways...but oh how we laugh...I think it's how we have stayed sane (if you can call us that) while working with cancer patients.

Without further ado...some of our gems...
(PS: I reserve the right to update this as time goes on only because I can't even begin to imagine that this is the end of our hysteria...)

J: "C! Say Chicken Fajita!!!!!" BAAAAAAAAH HA HA HA HA HAHA!!! C: "SHUT UP!!!"

C: it was just a toxic toot. J: A what??? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH H AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! C: I swear! That kid rivals a 13 year old boy!! J: (collapsed in hysterical laughter)

J: you do realize we're missing one key thing right? C: I already told you I have a plan for that!

J: M=me P=Patient: M -"Help yourself, there is hot water for tea, or just plain water, and if you like we can make some more coffee." P -"What, no beer?" M -"No, sorry, they caught on and wouldn't let us tap another keg." P -*sigh* (He is officially my new favorite...)

C: Me: "I never got that email" P: "You never got that email?" Me: "No" P: "So you didn't get the email?" Me: "No, I never got the email" P: "I sent it at 7:56" Me: "I didn't get it" P: " Oh, I guess I sent it to the wrong address"

C: Patient's are often like my 14 month old daughter. They argue for no other apparent reason that to argue. Hmm...

C: My boss: "So what's this about today? Office helper day?"

J: Napoleon is wearing the badger mating pants!!!!!!

J: From now are Louise.

(For the record, we were reading back on these and laughing so hard, tears and snorts abound...)

J: Ever since Legally Blonde (moreso the Broadway version than the movie), whenever the UPS guy comes into the office I almost lose it giggling...

J: $23 mouse for the doc? Denied. $260 headset for me? Approved. ????

C: ...and short sleeve pants!

J: what's that? Two grown women laughing (and admittedly yes, I snorted) at a name like we're 12 year olds? Yes, yes we did.

J: Actual question from an insurance company: "is the patient experiencing symptoms?" No, we just like to zap people for no reason, especially in the BRAIN. YES the patient is experiencing symptoms, why do you think she's seeing a doctor????

J: bootlegging, birthday suits, suitors being run off by crazy aunts...nope, not watching an episode of Dukes of Hazzard, instead, listening to the folks in my waiting room. I swear Boss Hogg or Roscoe P. Coltrane is about to come waltzing through my door.

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