Friday, May 21, 2010

You're Always On My Mind...

Okay, so there's not really a "you" on my mind to go with the title...but it definitely sums up my head lately.

There are a lot of different things running through my mind.  Stressful ones about bills; medical costs (mine, not the world's in general); frustration with people; frustration with myself; the stressful list definitely outweighs the frivolous list most days.

One of my thoughts within the last week, is how much I crave interaction with other people.  You would think I get more than enough of that during a work week with my daily interactions with patients and co-workers, and when I'd get home be THANKFUL for the peace and quiet.  There are days, that is exactly right.

Then, there are the days where I'm tired of the crap (can't we all just get along, really??) and I get home and want nothing more than to have someone to talk to, so entering my empty apartment is frustrating.  I have only lived with family and roommates, this is my first venture into living alone.  Dont' get me wrong I love it.  Really I do...but there are days, where I would kill to have someone I could talk to (in person instead of via phone, IM or some other virtual reason). 

Just a random set of thoughts that were running through my had this week...

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Barefootin said...

AND that is when I come over ;) I love our "roommate" nights where we just hang in front of the TV like we are rommies!! Especially cause I get to see shows I never would (thank you TIVO!!!)