Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giggle-fest 2010 (Day 2)

Yes, this was taken from an actual virtual conversation today...

C: I have SERIOUS ADD problems these last couple days.... ooh shiny....


C: Don't joke about it... I was afraid of napoleon this morning. PTSD I am telling ya

C: Hey wait... do they make shiny badger pants? That would be awesome

J: Only if they can still make the sound....

C: I imagine shiny badger pants are for a whole different purpose other than badger mating pants. It's only logical... really

J: For ADD Badgers??


J: I wonder if you can get those paid for by insurance...you know...as a learning tool for badgers with "special needs".

J: Louise...

C: Roger that... I am going to need a LOMN

J: I'm on it...would that go under DME or as a high tech radiology procedure, and do you have the correct CPT and ICD-9 codes?

C: Do you have any idea how frickin' weird we appear to "normal" people?

J: Pfff..."normal" is boring...look how much more fun we're having!!!

C: true... back to DME.... how durable do you think badger pants are? I figure they are pretty feisty creatures... I bet they are hell on pants.

J: Doesn't Sears make those "re-enforced" pants? I wonder if those would qualify. We'll have to see if there is any study documentation on this though.

C:  Sears Associate: "I am sorry Ma'am? You are looking for Badger sized re-inforced, shiny pants?" (snort)

J: Hmmm...good call...I wonder where Smokey the Bear gets his pants...I'm sure he has a great contact. His are probably even made of fireproof fabric...so no shiny corduroy fires can start.

C: Scruff McGruff might also be a good person to check too.

J: Hey I think he's in Chicago, Illinois, 60653 right?

C: 6065-TWO ... HELLO haven't you heard that all the million times I have? Sheesh.

C: Thanks for bringing me back to reality. It's amazing I get any work done with you around :P

*And THIS is why I love working with C...conversations like this really, truly, happen.*

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Barefootin said...

I seriously love you guys!!!!