Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Ten Ways to Know Yo' A$$ Belongs In The Gym...or how I came to realize that I had fallen off my game...

So, yes...I am a fluffy girl.  Fluffier than I'd like to admit...and I've struggled with this for a while.  There is a part of me that would love to just blame the fact that the summer before my family moved to CO, when I destroyed my ankle on vacation, THAT was the downfall...but I can't blame ALL of my fluffiness on that.

Yes, screwing up my ankle was the ended any and all athletic career hopes I might have once had.  However, I'll fully admit, I've been lazy when it comes to working out.  My sister got married just over a year ago, and that bridesmaid dress...was some serious motivation.  I got a trainer (holy CRAP that wasn't cheap), was much better about what I ate and did really well...lost about 20 some odd pounds.  Yeaaah...amazing how when you aren't paying someone to get your butt to the gym things seem to come up and the gym goes by the wayside.  Now that I am at a point where I am not happy with that number on the scale, here is my top ten reasons I have been able to tell my butt belongs back at the gym on the treadmill or on a machine of some kind instead of only my couch.

1 - The shirt I bought on clearance that was a size too big, is now snug.
2 - I recently saw a picture of myself and got MAD...
3 - I'm not 20-something anymore.
4 - I have a job where I don't move around a lot, I sit at my desk, this definitely doesn't burn calories.
5 - My overall health and energy levels.
6 - Randolph.  (See THIS for further explanation.)
7 - Self esteem (yep, I'm a girl, and yep I'm insecure at with it...I do.)
8 - I've recently taken up a new hobby (knitting) and to make the fun things you find, you need a certain number of skeins of yarn.  When you are fluffy, you need more.  Depending on what you are making and what type of yarn you are using, this gets VERY VERY expensive!!!!
9 - Boys.  (See #7 for additional reasons this applies)
10 -I caught myself resting the remote on my tummy.  (NO NO NO NO NO!!!!)

I've been much better about cooking my own meals instead of running down the street (and lets be honest "running" means getting in the car and driving the 2 minute drive, not literally running) to get something at the drive thru instead.  (This is not only better for me, but apparently saves money??)  Which brings me to my most current frustration, fluffy girl on a budget who needs to eat better, goes to the grocery store and spends more in 15 minutes on fruits, veggies and other healthy things (I swear, this was not the trip that had that Snickers Ice Cream Bar in it...Scout's honor!) than I would spend in a WEEK eating out at Schmurger Schming, Schmendy's and Schmakdonald's.  Why is it that so many people comment how Americans are so fluffy, yet it's THREE TIMES cheaper to hit the "value menu" than go get 2 bell peppers and a cucumber????

You want me to start eating healthier?  Raise the price of crap food and lower the cost of my veggies...


Maggy said...

YAYYAYAYAYAYAYYYYY!!!! I am stoked for you and will be a cheerleader in ANY way you need, for reeals. You got this lady!

Barefootin said...

Yep!! It cost me almost $200 to buy food for a month when I am buying veggies YUCK!!!