Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crafty Crafterson...

Just a peek into what I've been keeping myself busy with lately...more to come as projects get finished!!!


Project #1 - Ratatouille Hat by Marly Bird

Umbilical Cord Hat - for Baby Braddock #4 (We weren't sure what this munchkin would be, I'm pleased to say that
Jake Braddock will soon be enjoying his hat!)

A version of the Umbilical Cord hat...w/o the cord - for Lia Wallman, my first time using self striping yarn!

I've been working on an afghan since October...and it's kind of my go to in between projects.  Eventually I'll finish it.  A friend of mine teases me that we'll be sitting in the nursing home in rocking chairs and I'll STILL be working on it...I'm trying to make it my Christmas present to myself, but we'll see!!!

I currently have another couple baby hats in the works, but since I'm tweaking the pattern, I won't post it until it's finished though.  Look out Baby Barkhurst and Baby Leith!!!  ;)

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Barefootin said...

Hey Girl they are looking awesome!!!