Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hey look! A Craft Post!!!

So I have been remiss in posting/crafting lately, however, good friends, Mike and Amy, found out they are having a girl, and I immediately had to craft SOMETHING.  I chatted with Amy, got the nursery colors (by her own description "wackadoodle" until you see the whole design) and we discussed what she would like.  She decided between a blanket and a snuggle bunny, and to surprise her.

Mike, Amy and I have known each other for about 10 years (holy cow!).  Mike was my manager at ESPN Zone, and he helped me get a second job with Amy (the store manager) at The Right Start.  Mike and Amy moved back to the East coast not long after I was hired on at Amy's store, and we have kept in touch since (yay facebook!).  Recently, the three of us have been chatting back and forth with regards to our mutual love for all things Mad Men.  So, when they found out Amy is having a girl, we were talking one night and throwing all kinds of names back and forth, especially from the show.  Since they had just found out she is a SHE, there's no names in stone yet, so my nickname for her has become Ms. Blankenship.  So, Ms. Blankenship, needed a blanket!  (I know, I made something, and it's not a hat...I was shocked too!)

As I worked on this, I posted sneak peek pictures on facebook, but it was tough, because I didn't want to give away all the colors/final design, so thankfully, the iPhone has a great selection of apps to totally distort photos.  :)

I wanted to do this in acrylic so that it's easy care for mom and dad.  Once I finished, I washed it in SOAK (in the Unleash sent, very light and crisp, my fav) in the washing machine on the delicates cycle and then threw it in the dryer.  I did this instead of traditional blocking because it is a machine washable piece, and I wanted to soften the yarn and take out that "store" smell.  Now, it actually feels like a great baby blankie.  So, without further ado...Ms. Blankeship's Blankie!

I can't wait to hear how mom and dad feel about Ms. B's new blankie!  ;)  Happy new baby Mike and Amy!!

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Karen said...

Beautiful blanket! No more hat rut ;)