Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Payin' Rent!

Not as exciting knitting post...

Our good family friend, Jane (also referred to as Auntie Jane) let me stay with her in Seattle on my recent vacation, and she at one point had made a comment to my mom about with my new found knitting ability, she would love to have some potholders and/or dishcloths.


Mom goes and gets the yarn, I do a quick couple ravelry searches and have 2 potholders and 2 dishcloths completed, however, one of the dishcloths I finished, while I love the pattern, hate how the yarn looks.  (Note to self, basket weave looks better with solid color yarn than self striping!)  Oh well, live and learn right?
Dishcloth # 1 (not my fav!)

Dishcloth #2

Potholder #1
Potholder #2

See...interesting turnouts, but not as fun as the hats right?  ;)

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