Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jackson goes "ROAR"!!!

Jackson...such a cute punkin boy.  I use punkin because he decided to make his world debut on Halloween last year, and knowing how close momma was due to the holiday, I found him a jack o' lantern hat.  Just so happened, it was the perfect birthday hat!

How freakin' cute is this Punkin???

Momma and Jackson!
Daddy and Jackson
Couple months later, he, Momma and I got together...this is one of my favorites of Jackson and I...

Look at that squishy cute face!!!

So, Jackson's daddy went to University of Michigan.  I looked around and tried to find a relatively easy U of M pattern to do for a hat for J-man. (Sensing a theme?  Yes, I'm a bit hooked on hats...)  No dice.  Found the infamous "M" but decided to go a different route.  Jackson is about to be the recipient of a "Roar" hat.  :)  I wanted to do something a bit different from the hats I've been doing lately.  So after doing a bunch of looking on Ravelry I found this adorable pattern for the "Roar" hat.

Now, as I said before, Jackson's daddy went to University of Michigan.  MY daddy, went to Michigan State University.  When my dad found out I was doing a hat in the traditional blue and gold, he looked at me with that "look" and asked "could you do another one in green and white?" (Michigan State's colors of course)  After doing some quick research (clickity click, scroll colors, clickity click) I found a green that looks very close to the Michigan State green.  So, Jackson, for your 1st birthday, you are going to be the lucky boy who gets two hats.  I just hope daddy lets you wear them both!  ;)  (Update: the yarn for hat #2 hasn't shown up yet, so it's more likely that he's going get the Michigan State hat later!)

Jackson's Hats:
University of Michigan:

View #1

View #2

How cute is he???
(I love the look he's giving me...hurry up already, I wanna take it off!!)

Michigan State University hat to be added when finished!

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