Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Quickie!!!

I promise, I have actually been writing something a bit more substantial...something with more actual news in it!  (Anke...most of all for you!  As I KNOW you read this!!)  However, since it's almost midnight, and I'm seeing it for the 3rd night in a row, I am going to make this post short and sweet with two crafty items in them!

I recently helped my dear friend Marly Bird (check her out, has AMAZING work, plus I'm incredibly lucky that she's one of my bestest friends) with a piece for her classes she is teaching at XRX Books/Knitters Stitches events!  I worked up the piece for her crochet stitch sampler class.  This was a labor intensive (albeit they were basic stitches, just lots of them) project that I CRAMMED into 3 weeks.  My dear boyfriend (yes Anke, more news on that later) was very supportive, and understanding during the Super Bowl as we are cheering for teams, I'm making food and taking time otherwise, as well as the weeks that followed, so did the pieces to make...THIS...

ISN'T IT AWESOME???  I worked my *ahem* booty off on it, and while I as the perfectionist totally see wonky parts I have to say I loved doing it!  If you know your basic stitches in crochet, you can TOTALLY do this too.

I also recently cranked out this bad boy for a friend who has SO patiently (like, since I started really getting into this) waited for a hat...and thankfully I can say I've finally delivered!  I still owe her a scarf, and I swear it will be done, but in the mean time, here is Victoria's Newsboy hat!

She loved the Christmas Red color, and since I have plenty of the same yarn left over, her scarf will eventually be made of the same yarn.

Up next: finishing a couple more newsboy hats for a friend of a friend's kiddo who is about to lose all her gorgeous hair due to chemo, to go with the fun multi-colored beanie I made already.  Bonus for me, my friend who asked me to make them for HER friend (confused yet?), is paying me in trade, and she is a massage therapist!!!  BOOYAH!  I can't wait to trade!!

Once the hats are done, I have FIVE baby blankets I am doing between now and the beginning of August.  FIVE!!!!  I started one tonight because it's kind of a rush order (Rachel, be glad I love you and this stitch is easy!!) but lets just say while I'm trying to be creative and fun, I also know my limits and am trying to keep it as easy on myself as possible at the same time.  Yay for well written patterns with simple stitches and easy finishing touches.

After all, between now and the beginning of August, I have quite a bit going on!  Need to finish putting my boyfriend's graduation present together, then there's graduation, my sister in law's birthday, MY birthday, as well as packing up my house because I'm moving, and helping The Boy pack up his house, as he's moving too!  (Not in together, he's moving about 2.5 hours south of where I am going...but we knew this, again, other blog entry for this information!!)  This summer is going to be action packed...I can just see it now.  Working on baby blankets while packing, unpacking, and celebrating!  Don't be surprised if you see me with a hook and yarn in my hands allll summer!

OH!!!  In my next post, I PROMISE to finally post pictures of the absolutely AWESOME scarf that my cousin Anke made me in Germany!!!  I am so excited to show it off!!  (I've had it for WAY too long to just now be showing it off, but hey, I posting!!!)

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